Yasuzu Koygo Co., Ltd. (below, also "we" or "us"), to the extent that we gather and handle personal information about customers, business counterparties, employees, and others during the course of our business operations, shall, in accordance with relevant laws, statutes, guidelines, and company-internal rules, implement appropriate security policies and maintain appropriate efforts to protect such information against leakage, misappropriation, tampering, and other such compromise or abuse.

  1. We shall adhere to the terms of Japan's Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and statutes.
  2. When collecting information, we shall clearly indicate the purpose(s) for which that information shall be used.
  3. When shall use personal information only for the purpose(s) we have stipulated.
  4. Except as may be required by law, we shall not provide or disclose any person's personal information to third parties without that person's prior consent.
  5. We respect the rights that each person has with respect to his or her personal information, and shall respond promptly, insofar as reasonable and necessary, to requests by any person to view or emend the personal information that we hold about that person.
  6. We shall take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information held by us is accurate and current.
  7. We shall implement appropriate security measures and carry out appropriate actions to protect personal information against improper access, tampering, corruption, leakage, loss, and other abuse and misuse.
  8. We shall work to continuously revise and improve our rules and regulations for handling personal information, and to continuously revise and improve the systems and organizations that carry out such rules and regulations, so as to ensure that our handling of personal information remains effective and appropriate.